What are our differences? The ones that shaped the way we look through to see the world and the ones that shape us? The differences from the larger spectrum – the different wavelengths a person beholds and their constant changing. The difference between winter and summer, autumn and spring. The colours, the temperature, the clothing, and honestly the memories too. What are our differences? The ones we swear by and the ones that tear us down. Her blues, his blushed cheeks, her sweet smile, and his thick eyebrows. Whilst some are perfectly fine with these differences and as we should be, many find out we feel emptied by this word. A difference. “You’re different”. We are forced to make them in ourselves and in the world. Then, whether we like it or not, we get praised for merely 10 minutes. What are our differences? The ones that make us change for others?


She has the loveliest brunette hair with the thickest curls and the softest touch and maybe I want that. Her hair is different from mine. But I am on the complete opposite side of the spectrum – I have short and straight blond hair. So instead I grow mine out, dye and curl it so it looks like hers. And I feel beautiful. So I wonder – what are our differences? The ones that make us feel worthless? The ones that make us? The genetic code that defines us. Our fingerprints – unique and just like us, unique. Our eyes, every single part of them looks different from everyone else. And even the range of eye colours – brown, hazel, green, grey, black, and blue. What are our differences? The ones that change our appearances. The tiny gap in her front teeth, his diamond-shaped face and their beauty marks perfectly placed on their cheeks. What are our differences? The tiny bits of ourselves that create who we truly are. Our moral beliefs, our values. The religions we believe in and the hobbies we have. What are our differences? Our joys and sorrows that no one can feel but you. These differences – even the smallest of differences create a spark. In ourselves, we find our differences – the ones that change our beliefs, spiritual differences, social and physical. What are our differences?


In a perfect world, these differences don’t exist. In a perfect world, the different colours from a spectrum dissipate and blend into one large colour. A bland and boring colour. It’s a plain shade of grey. In this perfect world, the colours of the seasons turn into a mix of dull hues. In this perfect world, every girl’s hair is long and curly and some shade of brown, but in this perfect world, I want to change my hair. I look too much like everyone else. After craving to fit in, the perfect world was created and in this perfect world we looked for our differences. What are our differences? The ones that make us special. The picture-perfect world destroys all of this so-called perfection, our differences. Where are our differences? The ones that give us something to live for daily? In this perfect world, our differences have slipped away into an abyss of avoidance, until now we strive to create at least one, even in ourselves.

Written by Maria Secara and edited by Aaron Huang. Published on 6/782023. Header image by Marianna Wang.

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