Masthead & Contributors

This list reflects every student who has contributed to The Collegian at some point in their time at Macleans.


Second year

Justin Hu – Student Editor-In-Chief  •  Isabel Li – Managing Editor / News Committee Liaison
Annika Lee, Ellen Wang, Nancy Qiang – Subeditors / Social Media Curators
Jedidiah Kueh – Core Writer
Alexandra Smith – Core Writer
Surat Ebata – Core Writer
Amn Waqar – Core Writer
Boa Kim – Core Writer
Crystal Li – Core Writer
Judy Fong – Core Writer
Eliot Lew – Core Writer
Josephine Law – Core Writer
Ermina Tajik – Core Writer
Elaine Cao – Core Writer
Binuri Marasinghe – Core Writer

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Eliot Lew
Rayman Tang
Shelley Pfister
Grace Baylis
Bailee Ryan
Selena Guo
Chanel Lai


Launch year

Angela Zhang – Student Editor-In-Chief
Justin Hu – Web Editor
John Sibanda – Student Editor
Nancy Qiang
Ellen Wang
Annika Lee
Piper Shields

Maddox Drew
Avaneesh Belwalkar
Jonathan Shaw
Storm Miles
Isra Naseem
Jean Loh
Radina Boteva
Dominic Donahue
Candace Davy
Sara Moazzam
Josh Buddhdev
Eliot Lew
Libby Christophers