I miss that time

          Spent without care

When we were strangers

          And nothing more


He meant nothing

          No friend, nor foe

Until he boasted

          About his scores



          The burn of thrill

I turned it into

          A full on war


We know damn well

          It’s both our faults

That a spark of flame

          Became a roar


Sometimes my gaze

          Slams into his

A tension so bright

          It almost shines


But we do not

          Exchange a word

Conversing instead

          Through subtle signs


We are simply

          Not this, nor that

Just the blurred red shades

          Between the lines


And I still wish for the days

When my heart was just mine


Written by Amy Zuo and edited by Aaron Huang. Published on 12/08/23. Header image by Felix Yang.

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