After much spreadsheet sorting, The Collegian has finally discovered its new group of core writers for 2019.

Here are a set of short self-written biographies from our group.

Justin Hu
Hey, I’m Justin, and I’m your student editor-in-chief this year. In the brief (unlikely) moments, in which I’m not awkwardly entrapping myself within my own sentence construction, you’ll find me seeking refuge in the lyrical melancholy of Tiny Ruins, coffee, and the culturally out-of-date British sitcom Peep Show. 

Isabel Li
I’m Isabel — student managing editor, Year 13 Upham inhabitant, and a bit overworked, always. When I’m not spitting out think-pieces and poetry, a sad compromise I’ve settled for after realising I don’t have the voice for rap, I’m… studying. (Sorry.) Your resident digital artist, your flakiest friend. Feminist, udon vacuum, rainbow advocate. I also literally live in 3.7, the soon-to-be-demolished graphics room. Please expect more introspective, crisis-inducing content from me throughout what looks to be a hectic but exciting 2019. Saturn in virgo, sun in cool blue gatorade, moon in whatever – the stars say so.

Annika Lee
Hi! My name is Annika and I’m a Year 11 student from Snell House, and I also am one of the new sub-editors for the Collegian 2019! I often read books as a child and eagerly visited the library every week to indulge myself in a plethora of enthralling YA fiction novels. Apart from reading and writing, I also have a passion for singing, dancing, and listening to music – if you know me, I’ll likely be spending all my spare time doing one of these three pastimes, or possibly even an energetically chaotic mix of all three. I can’t wait to help deliver a series of meaningful and stimulating pieces, and I look forward to the year ahead of us!

Nancy Qiang
I’m Nancy, a Year 11 from Upham House. I am a sub-editor of the Collegian this year who is also helping out with the management of the group. I enjoy reading and writing creatively, but my focus has come to a more realistic area of life. I like to pay attention to the smaller things in life, some emotions and actions which we never seem to put enough significance upon. Reflection upon our lives is one of the best ways to produce a piece of writing which does not only help us to understand our life at times but also helps relate and unite others who feel the same way. I hope that the Collegian will be able to achieve new heights this year by spreading messages through articles which will unite the school and allow this student body to gain a say in our community.

Ellen Wang
“Is your song just lines of code or something that you heard?” Hiya! I’m Ellen, a Year 11 from Snell, and I’m part of the management team of the Collegian this year. I’m very interested in literature and written expression (albeit not really an expert in the field), although I suppose I have a preferential affinity for poetry in particular. That said, prose—fiction and journalism alike—have their own merits too. The song lyrics I quoted above, in context, are a question to autonomy, but I think it can be applied to human belief, or perhaps the meaning of life; and to write, I suppose, is to sing that song. And why you sing it makes all the difference.

Elaine Cao
Hi, my name is Elaine and I’m a Year 9 in Batten house this year. I like reading poetry in my spare time, Nikita Gil and Richard Siken especially, listening to podcasts on Spotify, and trying to pick up new hobbies. Being able to contribute to the Collegian means a lot to me, and I want to make the most of this year. I’m really looking forward to it and I hope you are too.

Shafquat Tabeeb
Greetings my friends. My name is Shafquat and I am thrilled to be part of The Collegian this year! During my time at Macleans, I want to exemplify the quote “I want to be all that I’m capable of being” by Katherine Mansfield. As a mere Year 9, I am still learning about the dos and don’ts of College Life. However, I do hope to meet new people, write about compelling stories, and have a terrific time while doing so. Other than that, I enjoy reading psychological books and having a hilarious time with friends. If you see me around school, don’t hesitate to say hi. To everyone: go forth and conquer!

Binuri Marasinghe
Hi! My name’s Binuri Marasinghe and I’m a Year Nine student in Batten. I’m an avid reader and absolutely love to point out other people’s grammar mistakes (it’s a habit of mine. It’s probably pretty annoying). My first and only love is food (no hesitation there), I’m horrible at sports, and I love to randomly sing and dance. I really got passionate about writing when I was around nine, and it’s so cool being able to participate in the Writing Collegian and have the opportunity to expand my writing abilities. I really hope that I’ll be able to produce amazing and creative writing pieces to put on show! Can’t wait for this year!

Crystal Li
I’m Crystal Li from Year 11 of Upham house. I’m passionately looking forward to getting to know you further. It’s so exciting to become a part of the Collegian team after spying 2 years on the Writers Club, being too hesitant to join. My hobbies are reading novels and watching mainly science related videos (sound more nerdy than they are originally). I don’t have much time for other interests as I’m basically the reification of procrastination! Certainly didn’t said it proudly. Despite writing is not exactly in my daily routine, I still have a love blazing through years for those awesomely powerful words. Although in school time I produce essays way too long to read without falling asleep, (I wish!!) you will find me writing in a completely different style when being a member of the Collegians. Who knows what happens with the whims and the fantastic year before us?

Josephine Law
Hello dear reader, my name is Josephine Law. I’m a fledgling writer under the Collegian this year. Here’s a list of things I love (in no particular order): barbershop harmonies, introspection, orchestral epics, devouring books of all genres, musical gems, anti-procrastination techniques, LINE webtoons, variety shows, NCT, being stressed about school, tea – both literal and conversational. Since you somehow ended up here on the writer’s bio page, I entreat you, stay! Subscribble! I’m sure the Collegian will have an article to suit your taste.

Judy Fong
Hi, I’m Judy. I’m in Year 11 and in Snell, a house I find endearingly optimistic. I dislike a number of items including, but not limited to, grapefruit, physical education, and the movie Cars. I like watching movies and tv shows, and reading (especially when whatever I’m consuming is hilariously bad) as well as listening to music. I also get enjoyment out of analyzing people and writing with as much honesty as possible, which is why I joined the Collegian. Here’s to a year of candid and sincere writing, promptly followed by nervous laughter.

Oliver Marks
My name’s Oliver and I’m the premiere epic memer of The Collegian. My genre of focus is opinion on the subjects of – but not limited to -; religion, culture, and politics, especially in their relation to more relatable mediums (videogames and memes). Apart from Israeli shilling the juiciest news stories and Mossad CIA psyops ironic headlines, I’ll sometimes do creative writing, which is, for me, big projects that I want to flesh out and perfect, which, if I deem to have the depth and flair I want of it, will be the height of my writing ability (all for your enjoyment!).

Boa Kim
heya, my name is boa and i’m a year 12 in hillary. i’m not a big fan of talking about myself :3 but most people know me as a relatively outgoing, friendly and (tries to be) happy girl. i love animals, children, music and nature (basically everything hahahah). i’ve always had a love for writing and reading since i was little, but after struggling with a lot of things at the beginning of macleans, i decided to start up my own blog in year 10 – with the sole purpose of sharing my experiences and perhaps be of some help to somebody along the way. through being a part of the collegian, i hope to take that further and reach more people, because i want everybody to know that it’s okay not to be okay, you are not alone :’)

Eliot Lew
Hi, I’m Eliot and I am a Year 12 member of Hillary House. This is my second year writing for The Collegian and I aim to produce many interesting articles for you guys. Writing has always been exciting to me, whether it is essays, letters, reports, narratives or even just emails. Writing challenges me to analyse and articulate information expertly, which I love doing. Hopefully this passion will translate into news/opinion pieces that you enjoy. My other interests include computer programming, working out, history, psychology and running scripts on video games. Have a fantastic four terms.

Ermina Tajik
Hello friends! My name is Ermina and I am a year 12 in Rutherford. I’m looking forward to working in the Collegian this year to help showcase the student voice. I’m mainly a creative writer with a tendency to be struck with inspiration and scribble the idea blooming in my head down. Those ideas tend to turn into poems and stories of all kinds. I do also write non-fiction, mostly opinion pieces as I like to contribute to the events occurring in the world today. Writing and reading is how I can let go of my worldly troubles and just be enraptured by captivating events. I hope that I can bring you down the rabbit hole with me!

Amn Waqar
Hi there! I’m Amn (that’s pronounced Ah-min mind you, not Amm or Umm or Ann) and I’m currently in Year 13. Like so many of us, I wasn’t born in New Zealand, having migrated here from Pakistan 9 years ago, but I consider New Zealand my home and am a proud Kiwi at heart. I am fluent in English and Urdu, and almost – almost – fluent in Spanish. I love to read (doesn’t every writer) but before you cast me off as a typical bookworm, there is more to me than that. I love playing badminton, and after a lifetime of being bad at PE, I can confidently say that I love being active and am actually missing PE as a year 13. My biggest achievement? Surviving IGCSE and AS. My biggest challenge? Spanish Literature. I’m a shy, quiet person from afar, but if you get close, I warn you, you will not be able to shut me up. I have always wanted to write, to share my rants, opinions and stories with people. To make a difference, if only to just one person. And I am so excited to finally have the opportunity.

Alex Smith
My name is Alex Smith and I’ve lived in New Zealand my whole life. I’m currently a Year 13 student at Macleans College and I enjoy playing hockey, reading and spending time with my friends. When I’m not daydreaming up story ideas, I’m watching old movies or taking photos. I have a passion to use words as a power in change and giving a voice to everyone

Jedidiah Kueh
If you would go to the left edge of the school and into Rutherford House you’ll find a boy playing cards with a few other people. That’s me. Hi, my name is Jed and I am a part of the Collegian for 2018. This is a great privilege for me as it satisfies my immense enthusiasm for writing. The only thing surprising is that I haven’t joined earlier. You’ll often find me either nose deep in thick novels or playing various card games at lunchtime in the Rutherford commons. I enjoy the freedom of creative writing and bringing messages through the lexical art. By joining the Collegian I hope to transcend my usual style of writing and, along with the rest of the Collegian, bring the big word to everyone at Macleans.

Surat Ebata
Hi, my name’s Surat Ebata and I am a Year 13 student in Batten house. As a fellow Netflix binger, Beyonce listener and dancer, Cardi B rapper, Batten house bumble bee advocate, Snell house hater, Korean noodle enthusiast, Thai patriot, extreme procrastinator, and student athlete™, I hope to relate and appeal to some of you readers out there. By that sentence alone, you can infer that I’m an opinionated and pop culture savvy type of person, which in a way, contradicts my blazer-wearing and badge-hoarding attire that I’m infamous for. This is my first year writing for the Collegian — expect savage opinions and straight wisdom. Thank you, I’m very much looking forward to this journey.

The last word from our outgoing student editor-in-chief:

Angela Zhang
Alumnus; Upham 2015–2018
I’m mostly a ghost this year, but starting up The Collegian has been one of my greatest and most inestimably exhilarating journeys since starting high school. (Right up there next to Cantabile, La Familia and 13ELC.) In January 2018, the idea of a bass-boosted student newspaper featuring “news and views from up the castle”, “by the students, for the students”, was dreamed up by a whimsical group of friends from whom unspoken words burst forth like fountains, and an endlessly inspiring teacher – Ms Fisher – who helped us collect them all up into bottles, and present it here, now, to you.
Throughout our crazy launch year, I’ve taken on the roles of student founder, student editor-in-chief, collegiate meme lord, head of spirituality, warrior of the great bus bamboozlement, Thomas the Dank Engine, Supreme Leader of the Soviet Union etc etc… but at the heart of it all, I was just one of many, many passionate students who devoted themselves to the success of this very ambitious initiative. Although I have since then moved on to another fantastic adventure elsewhere, the spirit and blood of The Collegian flows on through the people to whom our project is gifted: the people of the college, and their voices – which, as long as The Collegian goes on, shall NEVER remain unheard. Who knows? Maybe a core writer will end up cranking out the new Communist Manifesto.

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Kate Fisher

Editor In Chief of The Collegian and English Teacher at Macleans College