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Everyone has a dream, right?  Well, when I was your age, I had a dream, and it was to do this. I knew my school was well-known for being great, and I knew that information was readily available. But there was never a way for us to be heard.  Us, the body of the school. No way for us to say what we wanted to.  To use our voices in the confidence that we would be heard, maybe even loudly.

So, hence this. The Collegian (“News and Views From Up the Castle” – thank you, John):  a very dedicated and passionate project of the Macleans College Writers Club.  

It is my wish that you will not only enjoy this platform, but also put it to good use.  If you have a comment; an opinion; a question… if you have a story; a poem; a piece of artwork… if you are frustrated because you can’t contain what you want to say – yet you haven’t been able to say it – now’s your chance.  This is YOUR paper, this is YOUR platform. This is YOUR VOICE.

So let’s use it.  Let’s talk to each other, our whanau and the world around us.  Let’s do that here, through this platform: The Collegian.



Special note — a huge shoutout to Dan over at Internet By Design for providing us our web hosting. Check them out for any of your website consulting needs.

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Kate Fisher

Editor In Chief of The Collegian and English Teacher at Macleans College


  1. Where do we start?

  2. Congratulations Collegian Team.

    The site looks good, and the quality of the content looks like it will be excellent too.

    Well done!

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