You sang a sonata of serenity.
Each note a soft hum / kissed my eardrums.
Morphed from the abyss of the night,
where the stars shone so brilliantly, but seemed
so distant
against an obsidian backdrop. The music
unfolded into the coolness of dawn
ensconced me, a soft cocoon of tranquillity.

Heavens were suffused
with a gentle flush / a soft tone washed
over the sky, soothing the soul.
Mild temperature of the air
embraced me in an old friend’s comforting hug.
A slow dance between you
and the blue yonder; each languid
and mellow movement perfectly choreographed.

Your graceful steps gliding across the sky
like a dance performed by the Gods themselves.
A celestial symphony of gentle beams,
with fiery clouds as fierce
accompanists in full crescendo.
Clouds billow-thick,
casting dark shadows.
Sunrays glinting off their edges.
Each hue weaving
seamlessly together in perfect harmony.

However your piercing gaze
was so intense, it could blind
those who dared to lay eyes upon it.
As night surrenders to day’s approaching rays,
a sense of foreboding descends.
The horizon was ablaze amongst your ominous glow,
a heavy shroud smothering me
in its searing heat, burning my skin and seeping
deep into my bones.

The chatter of birds
was silenced. Only the sound of my heartbeat was left
echoing in my ears, swallowed by your radiance.
First glow of dawn enveloped the field,
casting long shadows on dewy grass,
like the gnarled fingers
of a blazing skeletal hand.
Air was heavy with a bittersweet elixir,
sharp and pungent – yet mesmerising
in its own way.

You clutched my cold hands tenderly
with such coaxing: an unyielding grip.
And yet,
as you ascend, you reveal the beauty and imperfection
by your un-
forgiving light.

A breathtaking masterpiece ablaze
with vivid hues, radiating a soothing warmth.
Your beauty was so overwhelming, time itself
seemed to stand still and hold me
in a state of pure wonder. Your resplendent elegance
lured by a double-edged sword.

Light bites – with its jagged rays –
baring raw truths and bitter realities,
driving us to pure avoidance.
Darkness kisses – with its soft caress –
shielding from the blistering intensity
of the big blue marble…
As shimmers reflect off the deep lake;
as shadows loom
in oblivion
and obscurity.

For just as you arise, and ignite the world
with your euphoric,
carefree warmth
and life,
so too do you cascade a passage
to our uncharted haven
that tastes like the morning dew
from the depths of memory.

Written by Vanessa Li and edited by Lauren Timmins. Published on 16/06/2023. Header image by Sophia Pu.

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