As night fell, she sat before the dim light, quill poised over paper. But before her hand could dance, the paper lay moist, like tears shed by the parchment itself, extending like waves in the water.

Alas, no one will ever know the dreams that had gleamed in her eyes, dreams of a time long gone, like whispers from the past echoing in the corridors of her mind.

As the gentle breeze brushed against her face, it whispered secrets of delicate tenderness and unwavering strength, carrying with it the unspoken stories of those who had weathered life’s storms.

What a profound tragedy that such experiences must go unnoticed, like gems hidden beneath the surface of the earth, waiting for an eager soul to unearth them.

She had once gazed upon the lights of a thousand homes, yet she could not capture the vibrant tapestry of human life, bustling and lively.

She had beheld the most beautiful vistas, yet she could not bestow upon them souls like the poets do.

She had tasted the myriad flavours of existence, yet she could not separate that essence of joy and sorrow into the written word.

She had witnessed magnificent spectacles, their magnitude majestic and magical, yet she could not express the true awe that dwelled in her heart when faced with the wonders of the world.

She had heard songs that set her heart aflutter, yet the melodies slipped through her fingers like water, leaving only the echoes of a distant symphony.

The weight of regret and missed opportunities pressed upon her as she looked back over her shoulder.

Perhaps, in the future, when the winds of fate shift once more, a kindred spirit with an insatiable curiosity and a fearless hand will take up that pen. Then that elusive, mysterious past will resurface, not as a mere narrative but as a testament to the enduring human spirit.

History, a zephyr bearing countless tales.

Written by Sophia Kong and edited by Jessica Dai. Published on 15/10/23.  Header image by Bruce Zuo.

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