Welcome to The Collegian 2024. We are excited to bring you more pieces this year, whether it be poetry, novellas, or any sort of creative liberty our members take. It is my pleasure to introduce the members of The Collegian 2024. My goal is to bring everyone some entertainment to enlighten themselves with, whether that be hopeful stories that uplift you, or dark ones that crush your soul. After all, we have a very diverse range of writers, ideas, artists, and editors.


– Emma Li – The Collegian Executive


Our 2024 Executives are:

  • Emma Li – Year 10 Kupe
  • Adelina Jones – Year 13 Batten
  • Nicole Lai – Year 13 Batten

And those who will be taking over Adelina and Nicole are…

  • Aaron Huang – Year 12 Rutherford
  • Jessie Zhang – Year 12 Upham


Team 1:


Bianca Hu Year 9

Hi reader, I’m Bianca. A year nine from Mansfield house. This would make it my first year at the Collegian and I am already enjoying it so much. This year I am a writer at the Collegian. Personally, I love writing poetry and doing art piece analysis’ -giving context and diving deeper into the meaning. My writing typically goes down the more philosophical, dystopian or dreamlike rabbit-hole. I’ve loved writing all throughout my primary years but especially in intermediate where I was able to experiment with the themes, structure and types of pieces. My reading taste is all over the place ranging from thriller, romance to self-help books. But my three favourites are Babel by R.F Kuang, What if by Randall Munroe and The Island by Natasha Preston. I like a bit of everything. I love love love long distance running, reading, podcasts, drawing, sunrises and rock climbing with friends. From what I can currently tell, the Collegian is filled with talented writers, editors and artists! Looking forward to being part of the Collegian this year! 


Amy Zuo Year 11

Here’s a fun fact about myself: I like to write. 

Yes, I know, I apologise; this must have come as an awful shock to you, especially in consideration to my role as a writer, but I in fact do enjoy the act of writing occasionally, especially if I’m trying out a new form or style.

To keep things consistent, I will be mainly submitting traditional short stories for the Collegian this year, but I suppose exceptions can be made for you, since you were a) determined enough to find this page and b) determined enough to scroll all the way down to my name. 

Please let me know if you would be interested in reading some of my other non-short-story pieces; no promises, but I’m sure I’ve got tolerable poetry somewhere.


Haran Thirumeni Year 11

Hi I’m Haran Thirumeni, a year 11 writer in Rutherford. Writing is one of those things that’s constantly screaming in my mind (besides, sleep and the next report card). Writing makes me wake up at 3am to jot something down,  only for me to hate the next morning and I love writing for that.  I’m mostly a poet but like all poets I like dipping my toes into longer mediums like short stories, essays and novels (though longer stuff is very much worse than my usual works).  I’ve written for the Collegian before, and I got published in the NZPS anthology last year. You’ll see me around Macleans  in Debating, Macleans Knights and in school productions occasionally. Hope you like my writing, and a couple of these pieces inspire you to pick up your keyboard and start bashing (in a good way). We’re all born to tell stories, some of us just have a pen on us at the right moment. 


Stephanie Lin Year 10

Hello one out of two thousand six hundred and fifty five beings of this school! Somehow you have ‘accidentally’ stumbled here, because if anyone reading already had the intention of seeing strangers give a paragraph summary of what their decade and a half spent on this planet has landed them here then you are either creepy or extremely bored or lost! But no matter what category of strangers you fit into, you should be expecting an introduction and an introduction I will give: My name is Stephanie Lin, I am a year 10, and I spend most likely half of my six hours in school within the house of Rutherford. As my role foretells, I am a writer and this is my first year apart of this group of interesting individuals. I personally like to mention the common confusions and depressions of life in my pieces and am forever thankful to the artists and editors (you guys have made our jobs so much easier, thank you so much for being talented and available). I like to read fiction novels in my spare time and also have a passion for badminton, music and all forms of public speaking. I hope you enjoy the pieces which we make and are not scared off by our introductions!  


Daniel Kang Year 10

Hello, fellow carbon based organisms, my name is Daniel, who resides in the house of smurfs (Upham) and currently in year 10. This is my first year as a member of The Collegian, and I am already thoroughly enjoying my time here. My pieces tend to revolve around issues/morals that are prevalent in the world, and I use my pieces to bring across my opinions on those matters. I have run out of things to say, and I don’t want the execs to scold me. I will attempt to extend this paragraph further (my actual writing is more creative than this I swear). I am one of three year 10 students that the school let into a senior scholarship class (for some reason), I am extremely fond of writing and have done it creatively in my free time since primary school, and I despise chocolate with every ounce of being. That’s about it. Nothing much is to be unboxed about my bland individuality. It is an honour to be a part of The Collegian this year, and I look forward to working with all the talented writers, editors, and getting you guys to read our works. Until next time : )



Robbie Ge Year 9


Eva Mcnulty Year 9

Hi, humans? My name is Eva as you can see on the tag above me. I am from the house of Mr Farr, Kupe. I am a year 9 who somehow got into editing. I started editing in primary school. I am not very good at it but, who cares? I am a type 1 diabetic. I am the ultimate cheapskate you can find me at the op shop and kmart if I ever leave my room. My humble abode is my bed while watching Netflix.On average I watch around 10 hours a week of it but sleeping is still my favourite thing.Fun Fact: I own a slug gun air rifle. I love target shooting as if it were my child. I have 8 plants that I don’t know the names of. This is my first year in the Collegian and I hope I can work with you to make amazing stories!


Kenneth Gong Year 9


Aaron Huang Year 12

Top of the morning,

I’ve despised English literature with a burning passion since my illiterate days back in year 0 when I had just arrived in New Zealand as an illegal immigrant from Louisiana. Yet somehow, I have ended up here.

Instead, I like to enjoy economic literature over a cup of Darjeeling. Some of my favourite reads include Richard Thaler’s Nudge, Thomas Piketty’s The Economics of Inequality and Good Economics for Hard Times by Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo. There’s a sense of beauty in economics as it explains the way in which the world functions, but less so in a literal sense, down to the molecule, and rather, more about society. Please take Cambridge Economics by the way, we really need more students.

But hey, the writing in Collegian is not half bad so do check it out as we have some excellent writers, like our glorious leader Emma Li for example.

Anyways, if you read an awesome piece of writing from the Collegian any time this year, you’re welcome in advance for the privilege of going about it carefree without having to worry about grammatical and spelling errors.

Areeba Zabrina Year 11

Good morning, or evening, Macleans College! I’m proud to say that I, Areeba Zabrina, a year 11 student from Hillary house, am an editor for the Collegian. Between fighting to scrape up free time (my self-management leaves a lot to be desired) and trying to tape together my ripping books, I’ll try to edit some pieces—by which I mean take apart, deconstruct, and glue everything together again (not always better than how it started). I enjoy reading, both fiction and nonfiction (what’s with people’s hatred with non-fiction?), and folding origami cranes. I think the Collegian is a special place where writers, editors, and artists unite to create a unique story (or poem or article). I’m looking forward to working with everyone here and for you to see what we can come up with.




Maryam Nawaz Year 10

Greetings esteemed members of Macleans. I am Maryam, a year 10 student who proudly resides in the house of the Taniwha (undoubtedly the best house). Initially, when I was signing up for the collegian I genuinely didn’t think I would get in and opening the acceptance email was something I was not prepared for. I love art and I think all self expression is a powerful form of art and being able to present my art within the collegian as one of two junior artists is extraordinary. Like most children my age, I am chronically online; yet I know nothing about what happens in the world (That was revealed to me during the weekly quiz section during my social studies test). On the internet, I spend my time watching funny cat videos and controversies of the past. My life spent off the internet is spent with my cat; my favourite person ever. I can’t wait to experience my first year in college.  


Marianna Wang Year 11

Hey everyone, I’m Marianna, a year 11 from Rutherford. Originally, I signed up for the collegian as a writer at the beginning of last year and did not get in, so I became an artist instead. My hobbies revolve basically entirely around art and other art related subjects. I’m in a LOT of fandoms, I’ll spare you all by not naming them. I spend hours of my life reading manga, manhwa, and manhua – I’ve finished around 400 this past year (terrifying, I know). I also read real books (believe it or not) such as my current favourite series ‘The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel’ by Michael Scott. I haven’t a spec of attention span left within me, and this is not just a theory. I will constantly have spotify playing, a youtube video on, my drawing tablet in front of me and at least 5 tabs of manga open, and I will be doing all of these things at the same time, at all times. I hyperfixate very strongly on certain characters (including my own characters), with my current fixation being directly aimed at Winnie Schrader from the song Wozwald. I have dug myself so deep into the lore that there are no hopes of me ever resurfacing back into the real world (which is probably why I still haven’t finished my collegian piece). My hyperfixation leads me directly to procrastination (which has been hitting a little too hard recently) as I currently have 3 unfinished artworks, so much maths homework and a manga to read. If you are somehow reading this paragraph right now, then it means I have slain the powerful beast of procrastination and actually done something, and I deserve a round of applause for it.


Sin Kiu Rufina Chan Year 12

Hi, congratulations on finding this page, I’m Rufina, a Year 12 from Batten. I’m just your average quiet kid, I like reading, bingeing TV shows, listening to musicals, podcasts, and (very obviously) making art.I am very invested in this thing called pain, specifically where I spend hours looking at 10 different pictures of a hairstyle and cry while trying to get it right, then throw my pen down in frustration every 20 minutes or so, it’s really fun! Trust me, nothing like torturing yourself to feel just a little bit more human. On a less serious note, here are some podcast recommendations: Sherlock & Co.— a comedic modern spin on the classic Sherlock Holmes novels, and of course, like all fiction podcasts, it boils down to criticism of capitalism; The Penumbra Podcast: A sci-fi story where a private eye on Mars becomes a criminal, by guess what? Rebelling against the capitalists. Selling point: there’s an alien bunny named Small Fry. If anyone wants to fangirl with me IRL, email or whatever social media you can find me on, you are more than welcome to. (FYI, I also like the musicals Falsettos, Bandstand and all the other basic ones like BJ, Hadestown, Hamilton, Moulin Rouge, BttF, PJO TLT, Great Comet, tBoM, Epic, Newsies, ITH, etc. I’m really hunting for mutuals here, come on, my quiet theatre kids, where are you?)Here’s one of my favourite literary quotes: “You can’t shoot me; I’m rich!” 


Cindy Zhang Year 12

Hi I’m Cindy, a Year 12 student from Hillary. This is my second year in Collegian as an artist, within Collegian, I have found my passion as an artist, particularly in the realm of graphic design. Looking forward to our journey onward with Collegian.


Amelia Hu Year 12

Hey, I’m Amelia and I’m a Year 12 student from Mansfield house. This will be my second year working with the Collegian. During the day, I am an avid writer/columnist for the Macleans College News Committee, but at night I become your average dropped-art-after-a-decade-in-favour-of-STEM kid. Anyways, I am most passionate about youth policy-making, public speaking and student opinion. Besides MCNC and the Collegian, I’m involved as co-president of our debating teams and the Student Council, school seat for the Howick Youth Council, an eager MUNA attendee and Ethics Olympiad mentor. If you happen to see me on the rare occasion I don’t have a meeting during lunch, definitely come and say hi to discuss your passions as well as book / song recs. Unlike many of the other artists, I read a disproportionately number of non-fiction to fiction books from “I’m Glad My Mum Died” to “This is Going to Hurt”. My favourite music artists on rotation right now include Laufey, SZA and Keshi. Looking forward to the year ahead of us and to seeing all of you readers around!


Team 2:




Alvia Farooqui Year 11

Hello people. You already know my name since it’s been put above… I’m a Year 11 in Batten, but I have been officially named an ‘Honorary Snell Member’ by Mr Askin. My favourite book is ‘36 Questions That Changed My Mind About You’, it’s amazing. In fact, you can sue me if you don’t like it. Currently, I am addicted to 2 things; my crippling dependency on music, and my fatal shopping habit. Hit me up if you’re a music nerd, by the way. I usually spend my money on clothes that drown me, my expensive Lego hobby, or another notebook that I will never use. Although I’m a romance girly at heart, I’m a total sucker for horror. I’m looking forward to working with some lovely people this year! And reader; please do not be scared off by our paragraphs. I pinky promise you we are normal. 


Areeba Zabrina Year 11

Oops. My bad guys, it’s me again. I am also a writer for the Collegian. Somehow. Ask anyone I know, and they’ll probably say something along the lines of, “Areeba? She’s smart but always talking about how much she hates writing/english.” No, for my application, I whipped together a story that was held together by an outline and prayers (and a month long off/on writing). So, I plan on making the best of what I have. For me, the hardest part of the process is coming up with ideas so if you have any, I wouldn’t mind some inspiration  I’m also looking forward to polishing my skills and branching off into other fields, like poetry, articles, or spoken word. I love astronomy, so I want to leave you a quote: Ad astra per aspera—through hardship to the stars.


Sophia Kong Year 10

Hey there, greetings from 2024! I see you’ve found my introduction.

Sophia Kong reporting innn—year 10 opportunity enthusiast proudly carrying the vibrant spirit of Hillary House. Also honoured to contribute as a second year writer for the Collegian, where I strive to articulate my ideas with passion. Writing, it’s the beating heart of my existence, a companion amidst the chaos of late-night sleeplessness and the looming spectre of tomorrow’s grades. There’s a certain madness in burning my brain cells at midnight fueled by the urge to finish a story. Sure, I might question my life choices the next morning, but that’s all part of the fun, right? Feel free to join me, as I strive to get myself involved at Macleans, determined to etch my mark in the sand this year. I hope my works can connect with you through space and time.

See you next time, fellow traveller! 


Maria Secara Year 12

Hi I’m Maria Secara from Upham. It’s my 2nd year in the Collegian (somehow). I am a writer and will be publishing some good work – I hope. I like writing because it’s easier to write things down than to explain them. For the most part, I find gathering my ideas and writing them down as they come into my head easier than talking to someone about them one-on-one. When I am not writing or napping, I like watching movies (this means rewatching Star Wars and Disney classics), but I also enjoy reading and running. I am currently reading “The Potato Factory” by Bryce Courtenay mainly because I read “Power of One” last year and I like the way Courtenay writes. Another one of my hobbies, for which my friends tease me, is maths…yeah. Anyway, I’m really excited to work with my friends this year in the Collegian!!


Kelly Li Year 13

Hello, I see you want to read this introduction for some reason. I’m Kelly Li, a Year 13 student from Batten (I am Year 13 despite the many accusations from Yr 9s and 10s who sometimes think I’m one of them). I am a writer and was one last year as well, although I only managed to write two pieces last year. This year, I strive to write as many pieces as I can since it is my last year here at Macleans. Hopefully I won’t get writer’s block for the last half of this year, the Collegian Execs will grill me alive if I have a repeat of that. I swear that I love to write but it seems to only happen when I get that sudden lightbulb of creativity. Unfortunately that sudden lightbulb moment doesn’t love to come when I’m super stressed. (By the way, my lightbulb moments are when I have a weird question and I want Google to answer) So here’s to a stress free year to me, you and everyone who is a part of Collegian!




Josephine Sim Year 12

Okay, here’s a hopefully-not-so-cringe intro that I’ll never look at again anyway (do NOT read my last one, even I’m scared to re-read it):

After being unreasonably kicked out of the Collegian in 2022 (aka not accepted for some weird and totally wrong reason), I’m back for my third and second-to-last year (because I better get in next year, or else).

My creative writing kinda peaked in year 8 so I’ve resigned to editing; I don’t want to have to fight my way through writer’s block 5 times every year. (In editing, there’s no such thing as “editor’s block”, only “editor’s frustration and complete annoyance”.) As a “Lang taker” though, I probably should practise writing more so I won’t be stuck for ideas in the exams. It’s funny how you can tell – I’ve unintentionally split my writing into small, digestible paragraphs.

Does anyone actually read these anyway? I’m so far down this infinite list of infinitely-long intros that I could actually just write a bunch of stuff that makes no sense. Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. 


Olivia Sang Year 10

Heyy. So the person above me, Josephine, totally summed up a whole load of my thoughts. The thing about creative writing peaking at 8 is so real, though for me it was probably ages 9 – 10. I’ve had writer’s block for about 2 years now, all the good ideas have been used already, so I’ve turned to editing. Fun fact, I used to be the worst in my class at grammar, I didn’t even know how to use punctuation, but now I’m really good at grammar and I’m that one nerd friend that corrects people’s grammar and spelling in the group chat and all my friends hate me. A little more about me, I was born in England but I moved to New Zealand when I was 1. I am a reader who loves reading but tends to read like 5 books in a week and then not touch a book for months. I love drawing and art. I love music. Like LOVE. Most of my personality is being obsessed with music, The Umbrella Academy, Brooklyn nine-nine, Stranger Things, Harry Potter, and Marvel. And also having crushes on many many fictional characters. I need help. Anyways… that’s me I guess… 


Caitlyn Blaauw Year 13 

Hiya. I’m Caitlyn Blaauw, a year 13 in Snell House. This is my second year in Collegian although last year was a half year. I say my main hobby is reading but I tend to spend most of my time doom scrolling on tiktok. When I’m not at home I’m likely at school helping with backstage for our school productions. My favourite subject at school is health although my best is chemistry. Anyway I’m excited to see what the year ahead holds!


Sophia Oblefias Year 12

Hi there! I’m Sophia Oblefias, a year 12 student from Hillary House. This is my second year editing for Collegian. I enjoy editing for Collegian because it introduces me to so many different aspects of writing styles and helps to build my own skills. I am grateful to be able to contribute to the publication of our talented artists and writers’ works. I guess my passion for editing sprouted from always being that one friend who was considered the ‘grammar police’ over text, and being brutally honest when proof-reading my friends’ work. But please, I hope you all know the difference between ‘they’re, their, and there’, and ‘you’re and your’. Anyways, I hope you look forward to the many great pieces Collegian will publish, and I’m looking forward to a great year ahead working as an editor!


Ally Chu Year 12

Heyoo, my name is Ally and I’m a Year 12 student editing in the Collegian for the first time! I’m half Cantonese, a quarter Vietnamese, and a quarter Indonesian. I switched my main sport from tennis to volleyball a few years ago and I still play cricket on the side. My dad used to race but I’m yet to get my learners, although I have driven a boat before. I love my border collie – super fitting for a Mansfield student – and my uncle’s getting a blue heeler in a few weeks. In the future I’m hoping to take Law at Melbourne University which is why I’m also writing for the Macleans News Committee. Anyways, I’m super excited to be part of the Collegian team this year! I’m sure it will be a great learning opportunity that gives me both valuable experiences and good memories. 🙂




Sophia Pu Year 12

Hi, I’m Sophia Pu, year 12 from Mansfield! This is my second year as an artist, and I’m super glad to have this opportunity to draw more and work with others. I’m always looking to improve my art; it’s something of a dream of mine to become one of those frustratingly skilled artists who post an elegantly-constructed masterpiece as “just a quick sketch” (exaggerated…but not entirely untrue). My favourite artist is rei_17; her works are absolutely gorgeous, and the way she paints light and colours massively inspires me. My least favourite part of drawing is linework. I’m too impatient for precision, especially in drawing clean and refined lines, which can become a bit of a drag if I spend too much time on it. Outside of art, I’m mostly spending too much time on video games, which right now means Honkai Star Rail and Project Sekai. 


Sarah Shin Year 13


Bruce Zou Year 13

Hi my name’s Bruce, year 13 in TK. Super excited to make art for the Collegian this year cause it gives me an excuse to draw and actually put a deadline on my work so that I’ll finish it. Characters are my favourite things to draw, mainly designing OCs but I’ll draw from anime (Chainsawman, Frieren) when I run out of ideas. So expect to see some people in the work I do. Some more things about me: I love music, J-pop and OSTs are my go to and I’m playing around with making music of my own; I love games, just finished Persona 5 and currently playing through Elden Ring; I love noodles and I’m addicted to yakult.


Jessie Zhang Year 12 

Hallo to all! I’m Jessie Zhang, a year 12 student from Upham and I’m a crippling design student that spends way too much credit in arcades and as such have picked up a part time job as an artist in the Collegian.

 I love drawing and listening to music (stream laufey for clear skin) and as such can’t wait to share my (hopefully) amazing work with all viewers of our website! Outside of school I basically live inside the arcade playing rhythm games, (find me on a dance rush stardom or taiko machine, I need to pay rent at this point)

My favourite animals are cats, I love them and will stop to pet any cat I see on the street and my current favourite song is “If I was a folkstar” by the avalanches :p. I’m a pretty casual person and you will most likely never see me without headphones outside of school, I’m really excited to be in the Collegian once again this year and hope everyone can enjoy my silly art works for the amazing pieces this year. :]


Natalie Choi Year 10

Hiiii I’m Natalie. I’m a year 10 from Rutherford. This will be my first year in Collegian so see you soon! 


Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

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