This writing below was originally written for IG English Language speeches.

Prisha, darling, sweetheart, honey boo child, I need to talk to you.

What I will explain to you now may be hard to grasp, maybe even a little confusing, but don’t worry it’s all for your own good. First of all, I need to make this clear: I’m you from the future, and hold on before you speak, I know what you’re thinking; we turned out looking good!

Haha… I’m just kidding. I have travelled here to share some things I’ve learned over the years, some of the things I wish I could tell you, my younger self. The following may overwhelm that tiny 10 year old brain of yours, but just bare with me and listen very carefully.

One, you have accepted that you’re the weirdo in the class and you embrace your weirdness. It is engraved inside you now, there is nothing you can do about it, you are the crazy insane loud girl that loves laughter and talking to literally anyone and anything. Yes Prisha, we all know about your imaginary friend Mr Rock and Mrs Stone. Ya ain’t fooling anybody.

But don’t trust everyone, you will learn to become more reserved and only share things with the people you respect and admire the most. Speaking of, eventually you will find the most amazing group of friends that treat you like the weirdo you are, because they too…should probably be sent to a mental hospital, and you love them for that.

Two, it may seem like the most important thing in the world right now but popularity means absolutely nothing. Stop trying to fit in with the cool kids, you know you’re not about that life and you know you would much rather spend your time finishing your math homework because you genuinely enjoy doing it. Ha nerd! …wait. Although it may seem like your life depends on it, you’re going to learn to let it go and focus on the more important things in life.

Three, learn to say no instead of making excuses or just saying yes because you’re being polite or you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Stand up for yourself, not everyone needs an explanation.

Four, honey bun, you are beautiful. Do not let anyone convince you that you are not worth it. Yes you have insecurities, who doesn’t.

You may not like the way you walk and you may not like the way your stomach looks in this lighting, but you only get one body. Un cuerpo. You are eventually going to learn to love it, even if it takes a lot of convincing. Mucho convincing. You also know you are not going to learn Spanish in the future but that’s irrelevant.

Five, I want you to believe in yourself and no, I don’t mean it in the way those aesthetic quotes on Tumblr tell you to. I mean that you have to be so confident that if anyone hates what you do you don’t care, because you believe in yourself so much that it doesn’t affect you. However, note that when I say believe in yourself it is completely different from being self centered. Always, always stay humble. You know the reason people are egoistic is because they are not 100% confident in themselves. The reason why they are always bragging and showing off, is because they like to receive clarification from others around them to make them feel like they are good enough. But you, you my child, need to sit down and be humble.

The only person you need clarification from is yourself. If you think you’re doing the right thing, don’t let anyone stop you.

So little Prisha, if you take anything away from this massive lecture it’s that you are still just as cringy in the future.

On a serious note, just take life one day at a time and always keep your head up high. Things will get better in the future. Also, before I finish here is a little tip:  if everything is failing and it feels like the world is going to end… I don’t know, maybe around 2012 or something… trust me, the world will not end.

The writing above was written and originally orated by Prisha Desai, published on 28/07/2018. Header image by alexskopje on Shutterstock

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  1. That was so lovely to read…
    I wish I could say a lot of things to my younger self but the point of this isn’t to go back and change the past, is it? It’s to learn from all of that past and give this advice to ourselves now and continue on from here, being the best we can be for ourselves AND for others.
    I wish I could’ve seen you performing it, but alas. At least I had the pleasure of reading it.
    Thank you <3

  2. Prisha, this is so amazing…. You are so talented in everything you do, and I totally agree with all these points, which I wish I could tell my younger self… Thank you for putting my feelings into words <3

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