We talk, 1 hour on the intricacies of the olive

oil making process,


Tomorrow I’ll forget your name,

isn’t that how it is?


it all comes and goes,


The mail comes one day, red and important

stamped with the ministry of justice,


Turns out you have a speeding ticket;

the bill too high to pay


but sometimes it comes,

sometimes it goes


Stuck in 2 hour traffic, behind the wheel

you blame overpopulation,


Blame the government for not using it’s taxes

blame the government you elected,


Then you go to work, tired as always

Then you win the lottery,


Say here it comes 

And here it goes,


Turns out it was only 500 bucks

barely even a new phone,


Curse your heart for hoping

Curse your 9 – 5 job,


Stuck in traffic again

the landlord’s raised the rent again ,


It’s all inflation

It’s all the balloon man’s doing ,


buy some fireworks 

celebrate the next chapter on ,


why humanity should never have existed


You say to yourself like a prayer,


So it all goes,

Here’s hoping

It comes back too. 

Writer – Haran Thirumeni
Editor – Eva McNutly
Artist – Rufina Chan


–May 2024–

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  1. Good writing Haran.

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