Originally published in the College NZ Herald in August 2008, written by then Year 9 Macleans student Linus Goh. 

As the years go by, we hardly care,
Knowing that when that day comes we won’t be there.

The sea levels are rising And the polar caps are depleting.
Fossil fuels keep burning, Leaving the ozone layer extremely concerning. Earth’s temperature is rising,

The thought of it— so frightening. Wild winds and strange weather patterns are yet to come. Will our children still be here once it’s done?

The lands and plains will be scorched with heat, but we will still stand tall, ignoring defeat. Tongues of lashing lightning striking the ground. Could this be nature’s punishing sound?

Oceans will display their wrath, as they consume everything in their path. We would miss the warm sunny days, now replaced with colossal frays.

The skies will turn black and thunders will roar So much tragedy— could we take anymore? But is this future inevitable? Could this force be so incredible?

The world is heading for destruction, but we can fix this, with sheer determination.

More than 11 years since when the above piece was originally published and the recent wildfires in Australia are unprecedented, as is the view outside Aucklanders windows today.

It is now more apparent than ever that the climate crisis will be the defining issue of our lifetimes and that the planet is in the grip of an emergency.

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Written by Linus Goh for the College Herald, 26/08/2008. Re-published on 05/01/2020. Header image courtesy Dylan Reeve on Twitter

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